At CalCom, we also offer the following benefits:

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is growing at an alarming rate. Each year statistics show that it’s not a question of whether or not identity theft will happen. . . it’s a matter of when. As your financial institution, it’s our goal to protect you – our member – and to act in your best interest. We see identity theft as a current and present threat to financial health, and we want to be proactive in our response while maintaining the strict internal practices that we currently use to keep your information safe. Program Services and Benefits
We have expanded CalCom’s security program to include new identity theft research, remediation and recovery services to checking accounts as a whole. Our security program will now include identity theft recovery and remediation services for more than 3,000 people, covering not only members with checking accounts but these new security measures extend to cover your family members – up to three generations – should they be impacted by this devastating crime. (Please refer to Terms and Conditions or visit our website for details.). These valuable services are available for you to use if you experience or suspect identity theft – even if it is not connected to your account with our financial institution. Additionally, you now have access to lost document replacement services and up to $25,000 in Identity Theft Expense Reimbursement Insurance, should you incur any out of pocket expenses during the identity recovery process. Plus, owning a checking account provides you with an entitlement to credit monitoring with daily alerts of any changes to your credit file which may signal identity theft. The entitlement is applicable to eligible individuals age 18 and older who have a valid credit file. We realize that you may or may not utilize these services, just as you may or may not use our online banking, mobile app, online bill pay, or other account features. However, due to the severe impact of identity theft, we elected to provide these comprehensive services for you proactively to help alert you to potential identity compromise or fraud. There is no cost to you for taking advantage of this offer. When you become eligible for this service, you will receive an email from our partner company providing instructions for activation, or you may visit our website to activate. Access to identity theft remediation and recovery programs have been deemed an important, essential service for consumers. Rest assured that CalCom FCU will be here to help if the personal information of you or your family is compromised or stolen.

Terms and Conditions of Group Identify Theft Detection and Recovery Services

Identify Theft Expense Reimbursement Evidence of Coverage

Wire Transfers

At CalCom, our members can conduct domestic and international wire transfers.

Visa Debit Card

Get the purchasing power of a VISA Credit Card and 24/7 access to your funds with a VISA Debit Card from CalCom. Access your funds from thousands of ATM’s including Surcharge-Free ATMs through the CO-OP Network. Combined with your Share Draft (checking), you can also make purchases at over 27 million locations where VISA is accepted. Funds are deducted from your account just like using your checkbook with the convenience of VISA.

Overdraft Privilege

The Credit Union provides Overdraft Privilege to eligible members as a benefit. Overdraft Privilege is not a line of credit. Overdraft Privilege is available to Share Draft accounts that are in good standing.

Overdraft Privilege Policy and Opt-In Form

Order New Checks

Visit our new check reordering service from Harland Clark:

Order Checks Now

Notary Public

The Credit Union has Notaries commissioned by the State of California to witness and certify signatures on documents. This service is available to both members and non-members. Note that an appointment is required and documents to be notarized must be tagged. Contact the Credit Union to make an appointment.

Identification Requirements

State Law requires a notary to have satisfactory evidence of the signer’s identity. Please have any of the following documents with you when showing up for a notary service:

  1. Identification or driver's license issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicle;
  2. A United States passport;
  3. Other State-approved identification card, consisting of any one of the following, if it also contains a photograph, description of the person, signature of the person, and identifying number -
    • A passport issued by a foreign government provided that is has been stamped by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement;
    • A driver's license issued by another state or by a Canadian or Mexican public agency authorized to issue drivers' license;
    • An identification card issued by another state;
    • A military identification card.

Insurance Services: TruStage

At CalCom, we encourage our members to protect themselves and their investments. With the help of TruStage, underwritten by CMFG Life – a company that is 80 years strong, we offer our members the following insurance products:

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Credit Disability
  • Credit Life
  • Life

To find out more regarding these insurance products or to enroll, contact TruStage directly at 877.636.2377. Already with TruStage and need to contact them regarding your policy? Call 800.779.5433 and they’ll be happy to help!

Additional Check Services

At CalCom, we offer additional check writing services such as credit union check, money orders and cashier’s checks.

For more information or questions regarding these services, please contact the credit union at 855.922.5266.